Holiday tips for lash studios

Holiday tips

In winter, especially in November and December, Lash Studios are flooded with clients. However, the impressive number of visitors does not mean that you need to forget all the worries of a stable customer flow. You should remember that the sharp decline of clients in January (or lack thereof) depends on your marketing decisions in…

Instalments Glue x 12 AUD

Glues x12 Number of payments 4 Start payments At checkout Due* Amount At checkout $137.10 AUD Every 1 month (x 3) $137.10 AUD Total $548.40 AUD * We calculate payments from the date of checkout. Sign up for

Angel Wings tweezers instruction

Hi! So you’re the happy owner of Angel Wings mega volume eyelash extension tweezers. (Or if you’re not, feel free to order HERE) Angel Wings volume tweezers are good for all techniques in classic, volume and mega volume. HOW TO USE: 1) Hold correctly, put your middle or ring finger on tweezers’ polished part 2)…

Lashmaker’s life and career by Hanna Babanakava

The most complete guide to your eyelash extension career By Hanna Babanakava (aka Hanna Rayne Force) Check our other courses HERE Free (for now) lashmaker’s life and career course! The most complete guide to your start in eyelash extension career under my authorship. Why so many people quit lashmaker’s profession? Well, because there are important…

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