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Eyelashes are naturally intended to protect the eyes from sweat and dust. But this natural protection gives a woman’s face attractiveness and sexuality. Long fluffy eyelashes make your eyes look bigger and more expressive.

Traditionally, eyelashes have been lengthened in all sorts of ways, and in the 21st century they have learned to lengthen them. 10 curious questions and answers will reveal the most interesting information about eyelash extension.

1. Who invented eyelash extension and when?
The idea of ​​the eyelash extension first took shape in 1916. The famous Hollywood director D.W. Griffith offered the actress Seena Owen gorgeous eyelash extensions. They were primitively crafted by a local human hair wig maker. Various attempts were made to lengthen the eyelashes in the 60s of the XX century, but they were all unsuccessful.
A technique close to modern ones was developed in 2004. In Korea, they came up with “semi-permanent” eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes were fixed to each natural eyelash using strong glue. Eyelash extensions also were mastered in Vietnam, from where the method spread throughout the planet.

2. In which countries is eyelash extension popular?
This fashion invention is in demand in all countries of Europe and America. The best salons are located in the UK and USA.
Asia is also not lagging behind – Japan, China, Thailand, Kazakhstan. The genuine interest of Asian countries is due to the Mongoloid eye shape and the desire to enlarge the eyes through eyelash extensions.
As for the countries of the Muslim East, here eyelash extension is not approved by religion. However, in Dubai and Cairo there are excellent eyelash extension masters, tourists and local ladies use their services.
Russia is also known for the best eyelash extension techniques. The whole world knows about the principle of increasing the Russian volume (Russian volume).

3. Is it dangerous for your health to extend eyelashes?
The risk lies primarily in an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Allergy sufferers experience edema on the outer part of the eyelids and inflammation on the inner surface of the eyelids. Due to irritation, the owners of eyelash extensions scratch their eyelids and break off the hairs. Artificial hairs collect dirt and bacteria, leading to conjunctivitis.
A competently carried out eyelash extension is absolutely safe for health. A separate eyelash, on which a hair was extended, continues to live its own life: it grows, lives and falls out – the growth cycle does not change in any way.

4. What material eyelash extensions are made of?
Artificial eyelashes are made from Synthetic fiber. Such eyelashes have nothing to do with the pile of fur-bearing animals (squirrels, sables, minks). Ultra-flexible synthetic fibers are used in 3D extensions.

5. At what age can eyelashes be extended?
There are no restrictions for adult clients. Experts say that women from 20 to 82 years old turn to them.

6. How long does the effect of the procedure last?
Natural eyelashes are constantly changing – they grow and fall out. Since the artificial hairs are attached to the real ones, they fall out at the same time. A person sheds 4 to 20 natural lashes per day. Accordingly, the same amount of eyelash extensions will be lost. The time for wearing eyelash extensions is from 2 to 4 weeks. Completely natural eyelashes are renewed in a month and a half.

7. Is it possible to extend the shortest eyelashes?
High-class specialists perform the procedure for patients who have lost eyelashes after oncological treatment. On the thinnest and shortest hairs, you can attach an artificial coating.

8. Can I remove eyelash extensions myself?
Artificial hairs are glued to natural hairs with a durable glue. Unfortunate attempts at home are made only by pulling out your own eyelashes by the root. So you cannot do without a specialist who has a special lash glue remover to do it fast and safe.

9. Can I do makeup with mascara?
Better not to. Eyelash extensions make your lash look and actual lashes thicker so it is impossible to wash away all the mascara completely. That’s not healthy and safe to use mascara with eyelash extensions.

10. Do eyelash extensions need special care?
The extended hairs need to be cleaned from dust and natural secretions – sweat, tears. They need to be washed with a special lash shampoo allowed to use in the eye area. Baby shampoo is not suited to this!

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