Thank you very much for your interest in my training!
Here is the general information that you need to know.

Here are the most popular types of on-site training I’m currently offering for groups:
– Expert volume lvl2 course, 2 days – for new or techs that are not confident in volumes
– Expert Mega volume lvl3, 1-day intensive course with live model practice or 2 days) – only for techs who are very confident in volumes
– Ultimate volume workshop – same as lvl2 training, but 1 day only and no live model

1. The base price is
– Expert volume lvl2 or Expert Mega volume lvl3: 1742.12 CAD per person for a group of 6 or more trainees, mini-kit included (AW glue 5ml, 2 trays of lashes 20 lines each, volume tweezers).
– Ultimate Volume workshop: 852.21 CAD per person (with a volume tweezers to take home) for a group of 10 or more trainees
– Ultimate Volume workshop: 954.21 CAD per person for a group of 10 or more trainees, mini-kit included (AW glue 5ml, 2 trays of lashes 20 lines each, volume tweezers).
The Organizer (the host) may set any additional fees for the students for hosting and other expenses as necessary.
2. We provide the materials for the training, but if the students want an Angel Wings starter kit and it was not included in the course price they will need to order them separately.
3. There is one free spot on the course for the Organizer!
4. At the end of the course I will provide certificates of course completion in English or 2 languages: English + the language of your choice.
5. I offer training in English or Russian only, so if you require training in another language you would need to arrange for an interpreter yourself.
6. The Organizer take it upon themselves to make all the necessary arrangements for the master class, including the spot for the training and any meals or coffee for breaks.
The training location must have air conditioning / heating, lamps, couches, pillows, chairs, tables, board, blankets and sheets for the couches.
7. Angel Wings volume tweezers, glue and lashes will be provided to the trainees for the duration of the training, however, they are strongly encouraged to bring their own tweezers and materials (glue stone, mask, etc.) to the volume courses.
8. Either the Organizer or the trainees must provide the models for practice (one model per trainee).
9. Angel Wings collect the money via PayPal or VISA. The rest should be paid before the course starts, preferably a few days in advance.

For additional questions, please, message us using the contact form on the page below or our social networks.

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