Sorry, we don’t take new clients at the moment. =(

Only international top quality supplies! We provide the most fitting effect & curl and give presents for our regular clients!
Please note: due to our insurance requirements we don’t make refills for extensions made by other technicians and offer only complete removal and a full set. The reason for it is that we have to confirm the state of your natural lashes before we start working with you. Unfortunately it is impossible to see when our client has any extensions on. You can find more details in our Customer agreement.

Our price depends on time we spend on services.
Regular full set for average amount and state of natural lashes: $100 tax included per hour (one full set takes from 2 to 3 hrs).
Refill up to 48 min: (14 days usually) – $80
Refill 48 to 60 min: (15-21 day) – $100
After 21 day we require a full set as the natural lashes grow out too much.
Removal from another technician $25 (up to 15 min)
Removal of our extensions before a new set – free. (up to 15 min)
Rhinestones Svarowski decoration 2psc – free, no charge for extra time.
If you come with extensions from another technician, we remove them and make a new set.

Please, note. Basic time for a full set is up to 2 hrs, for fills – up to 45-60 min. Following the top quality service standards for infills we have to remove all the extensions that are grown out or will spoil the future look of a set. That means if you have too many grown out lashes (usually after 3 weeks) or a small amount of extensions left, we may need to increase the time to do our job nicely. Additional payment may be required and is charged proportionally regarding to price for hour. We warn you of any increase in price before we start, so no surprises here.

Before you book with us, please, read our Customer agreement and book only if you agree with it! We require a booking deposit $100 from all the new clients!

Please, use the button below to pay for our services via PayPal, Credit card or VISA debit or CLICK HERE for detailed payment instructions.

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