So you’re the happy owner of Angel Wings mega volume eyelash extension tweezers.
(Or if you’re not, feel free to order HERE)

Angel Wings volume tweezers are good for all techniques in classic, volume and mega volume.

1) Hold correctly, put your middle or ring finger on tweezers’ polished part
2) These tweezers are of the angled grip type and have to have the angle between their tips for the purpose to grab big volumes
3) Make sure you close the tweezers tight enough every time you grab the lashes. We know you’re maybe no used to it and hand can feel differently but it is a matter of a few days’ practice like with any other muscle

We understand that every our client used to different working style so you have 7 (seven) days to try the tweezers and contact us if you have any questions or don’t like them for any reason. We will help you or issue a refund.

1. Angel Wings tweezers are durable, made of highly corrosion-resistant AISI 400C steel
2. Extended working surface helps to work with all fanning techniques
3. The surface with a special texture inside helps to hold the lashes well and at the same time does not prevent from making nice fans when lashes have to slide on the surface
4. Every pair is hand tested and hand adjusted for spotless grip of MEGA volumes
5. 13cm size and smooth stroke lessens stress on the hand for longer operation time without fatigue or muscle pains

– It is necessary to disinfect all tweezers after each use, and sterilize if required
– Avoid rubbing surfaced contamination with abrasives
– Store in dry conditions out of the reach of children
– Avoid contact between inner (working) surfaces of separate tweezers to avoid damage
– Do not drop, knock or roughly wipe the tweezers as this may cause damage to their working area
– During transportation make sure tweezers working area is safe from damage
– During transportation make sure your tweezers are well packed. Sharp temperature differences make our tweezers steel deteriorate on the molecular level. It may cause loss of steel hardness, preciseness and mega volume grip ability

– Disinfect or sterilize only the tweezers that are clean and dry. Otherwise it may cause rusting of the tweezers
– Use high-quality and proper certified disinfectants. Otherwise it may cause rusting or insufficient disinfection
– Use disinfectants that are specially suitable for soaking metal instruments. Refer to disinfectant packaging to ensure you are using the right product
– Do not exceed maximum allowed soaking time and solution concentration during disinfection. Otherwise this results in loss of corrosion resistance of our tweezers’ steel
– Do not exceed maximum allowed exposure time or temperature during autoclave or dry-air sterilization
– After autoclave or dry-air sterilization you must leave instruments in the autoclave or drying oven at least for 1 hr until they cool down completely

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