Angel Wings Champion Glue

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CLICK HERE for Complete glue instruction:
– How to use
– How to store opened and unopened
– Consistency
– Amount of glue in the bottle
– Troubleshooting

In the glue there’s no rubber (or natural latex), no hydroquinnone, no PMMA, no waters, no oils, no organic components. Pure composition makes it good for sensitive clients. The most allergic component is still Cyanoacrylate, so it is forbidden to use on clients previously experienced allergy to cyanoacrylate.

Download MSDS file for glue (black)




  • Fast, for volumes and classic
  • Not thick (thin) by structure
  • Oil and water resistant – unique in the global market!
  • Always has a manufacturing date
  • Has a detailed instruction in every box
  • Latex free, formaldehyde free
  • Carbon free in transparent version
  • Good for sensitive clients
  • Amazing retention – bonding power 50 days
  • Doesn’t need any sealants or top coating
  • Not tested on animals
  • Follows the general requirements for North America and EU
  • Downloadable MSDS on a sales page

We’re always glad to add DISTRIBUTORS in different countries!

Additional information

Glue type

Sample 2ml AWC black, AW Champion Black, 0,5-1 sec, AW Champion Clear (transparent), 0,5-1 sec

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