From Monteral we usually ship your order the next business day after the order was paid.
Please note, shipping is also available from different distributors within Canada and USA, please confirm with our local distributors.

Regular shipping time* from Montreal, Canada NOT INCLUDING processing time, customs delays and force-majeur circumstances
– Within Canada – 1-6 business days
– USA – 3-6 business days
– South America – 30-60 business days (unfortunately it’s by statistics)
– Europe – 4-10 business days
– Australia – 6-12 business days

If Backorders are present in the order, we send the order as soon as all items are in stock.
1. Preparing the package. On this stage you get an automatic mail from Canada post with your future tracking info.
2. Regularly on the same (if ordered in the morning pacific time) or the next business day we pass the package to the post courier. It still can take us up to 2-3 business days to process and ship the package due to different circumstances. Usually if the order was made on Friday we ship on Mon-Tue. This days don’t count as shipping days!
3. Your package goes to destination country. You can track it using or your local post website as soon as the package reaches your country.


There are no refunds or replacements for non-trackable shipments!
We do not accept returns and do not refund any non-defected cosmetic liquids like glue, primer, remover, gel fresher, lash serum, lash foam etc no matter were they opened or not!

We accept returns, exchange or refund:
– If there’s a proven defect for any product not later then one week since the order was received. Shipping of the defected liquids (glue, foam etc.) to the main office in Montreal is required with a prior notice!
– Tweezers (non-defective) if notified us not later then a week after receiving them. The tweezers have to be exactly at the same state they arrived in the original plastic tube with a silicone cap. We do not accept the tweezers if they were banded, reshaped, scratched or sharpened in any way after arrival to the Client.
– Lash trays and other non-liquid products (non-defective) if notified us not later then a week after receiving. The products have to be unused and returned in the same state they have arrived. Lash lines have to be not taken off from the original lash tray package.
We return you the value of the products notified, but not the shipping cost. Return shipping has to be done at your expense.
You can always contact us for any questions or concerns.

Address for shipping the returns/refunds:
Please contact us using the contact form below to get the closest address

We always follow the desired delivery time and shipping that was paid for. If the order came late, but the post guaranteed us the fast delivery, please, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will refund you the shipping cost.

Force Majeure / Acts of God
The orders can come later in the holiday season or because of the custom delays, bad weather conditions, technical or courier issues.
Unfortunately in this cases there’s nothing we can do, but will do our best to confirm with the post that your item was not lost.

We copy and print the shipping address from your current order and stick it to the package. Be careful when filling in all the information! We always choose the option with a tracking and add the insurance if the shipping amount allows us to do so.
The packages without a tracking number are non refundable in any case!!! All Canadian packages will have a tracking! If you think there will be no tracking with your chosen shipping method, there’s always a tracking-guaranteed option or contact us to ask questions.
1) If the order was lost or went to the wrong address by our fault, we ship you the 2nd package for free or issue a refund as soon as possible
2) If the order went to the wrong address by your fault (not complete or wrong address in your profile etc.):
– you need to correct the address firstly, then
– option 1: you make a complete new order and we ship the new order to you. As soon as we get our first package returned, we refund you the supply amount in it, shipping value is non-refundable
– option 2: we wait until the package is returned and you will need to pay for shipping again
3) If the order went to the wrong address by delivery service’s fault (Canada post, USPS or any other):
– option 1: we open a ticket, wait for the post office reply for 2 business days and then initiate the item-lost case. Your order will be resent as soon as possible
– option 2: we wait until the package is returned and your order will be resent as soon as possible
4) If the order was lost by delivery service’s fault (Canada post, USPS or any other):
– We will ship you the order again with no charge as soon as we confirm with the post that the order was lost

* Please note that shipping time depends on your chosen option for shipping and the time of the year (Christmas etc.) If we can not ship your order in time we have a shop-wide notification at the top of Shop and Checkout page.




Shipping to USA (with tracking)


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