Hey-hey! My name is Hanna, I was born in Belarus and lived there over 20 years. I started business in 2013 in Grodno, Belarus. I received training in hairdressing, makeup, nails (European degrees), and courses in brow modelling and microblading, all kinds of depilation and mehndi design. But Lash making was always my real passion.

My vocation as a teacher is to provide unique strongest practical and knowledge base with continuous support after the course as well as raising the next generation of top quality lash artists, lash champions, and brilliant trainers.

Angel Wings® is an international company that provides top quality eyelash extension services, supplies and training with head office in Montreal, Canada. We are proud of our responsible approach, high standards and outstanding client care. We are aware that quality, consistency, good stock availability, not being overpriced and customer care make business outstanding. We passionately love what we do and want to share this love and passion with other lash artists!

After I moved to Canada and started working in 2017 I re-branded my company, created something much bigger and better. We have amazing distributors from Canada to Australia! Now our popularity grows all over the world as we connect lash technicians in several ambitious projects.
– Lash global™ Championship – the biggest international championship in Canada
– Lash Global Conference – the biggest international conference in Canada
– Lash Global magazine – the 1st international lash magazine that is based in Canada, started January 2018 and is issued in over 1000 copies at the moment
– CatFight™ Championship series online – a unique project of championship series that are divided to independent Rounds, that have different rules, different judges and different prizes. It is very affordable and fast going. Started March 2018
– Lash Expert™ platform – online training and lessons for lash artists of any experience
…and we have even more projects coming in the near future!

Also I was:
– Nominated by Lash Industry Inspirational Person Awards for Most inspirational industry influencer 2018
– Nominated by Artistic Fur Awards for Lash Trainer of the year 2019
– Nominated at National Association of Lash Artists for Lash Trainer of the year 2019
– Nominated at Artistic Lash League 2020 for Lash Trainer of the year 2020
– Nominated by Artistic Fur Awards for Lash Speaker of the year 2022


My idea of quality services and supplies.

I never wanted to work with cheap, low quality supplies or to do a very inexpensive (and, as a result, inferior) work. I’m a quality freak. That’s why I went to championships to learn what I’m worth. My prices have always been premium, but my clients know what they are paying for. Currently Angel Wings does not accept new clients and only provides services to our regular customer base.

Applying this idea of perfect quality to lash supplies, I had a vision to create the best line of lash product to work with. As a multiple lash champion and prize winner I received lots of presents and had a chance to try many brands some of them good and others not so good. I put together all desired qualities like 20-line boxes, non-sticky covers, no glue residue, absolute minimum of short defective lashes in a lash tray, a uniform curl, a good grip, keeping the curl well, and many others. I have spent time collecting my expert knowledge about lash supplies. After 8 more months of testing and research I was able to design the product line I had dreamt of.

From Champion to champions.

Our adhesive is made on Korean factory for my special demand.

It was first made in 2017 to match the needs of Lash Championship participants. As a Champion myself, Judge and Sponsor I gave it to the winners of Strictly come lashes championship, UK, the best try I could have and surprisingly it became and still is our best seller. It went through a few adjustments. There were 2 main types in the beginning I was choosing from to find the final one. Now I have stopped on the formulation I personally and most of my old buyers like most.
I care and love my vocation, so it makes me extremely proud to offer Angel Wings product line I have created.

Angel Wings Lashes
Light lines for making every lash visible
Top quality
Ultra soft and flexible
Easy fanning (if you have a skill of course)
Nice natural deep black color
Medium matte texture
No blue shades and other colors in black
No big gaps between the lashes
No glue residue on lashes
No stickies on tops
Great curl preserving fiber
Beautiful luxury and fall damage resistant box

Angel Wings Champion glue
Suitable for work in most conditions (from any low conditions and up to even 40 C!)
Fast, for volumes and classic
Not thick (thin) by structure
Oil and water resistant
Always has a manufacturing date
Has a detailed instruction on the /glue page
Latex free, formaldehyde free
Carbon free in transparent version
Good for sensitive clients
Amazing retention – holds till the natural lash falls
Doesn’t need any sealants or top coating
Not tested on animals
Follows the general requirements for North America and EU
Available by different subscription options!
Always in stock!

Angel Wings MEGA Volume Tweezers
Designed by a champion-lashmaker for champions!
Spotless! You can grab lashes in any part of tweezers’ working area
Hand tested for MEGA volume on Angel Wings 005 lashes
Hand adjusted, suitable for over 14 techniques!
Stainless steel, high corrosion-resistance
Metal specification and instructions are on /tweezers page
Non-magnetic (non-static)
Length and weight combination chosen to avoid hand fatigue

Angel Wings Glue Booster
Doesn’t let your fans to close
Speeds up the glue
Gentle by composition, does not cause shock glue curing
Requires the tiniest amount to work
Loooooooong lasting bottle


I never considered getting noticed or being invited to events by other technicians. However, in only one year I’ve become a judge and a speaker in over 30 international lash events and a highly demanded trainer.
I understand that staying in one place in the lash industry makes the value of your work steadily decline. New trends emerge and new techniques appear all the time. Additional information gets revealed be it new facts about the lash glue or something entirely novel, which requires further study and experimentation.
This is what draws me as a speaker to be one of the people who does research for the benefit of our industry, brings up and pours light on new and unexplored topics.
The idea of offering fellow lash artists something new and useful is truly inspiring to me.
That’s why I aim to create many ways to share the knowledge. Lash Global championship and conference brings together the best lash specialists from all over the world. Also I have launched an online platform for courses and lessons. Aside from that I offer many absolutely free options to learn including my YouTube channel, professional blog, Facebook and Instagram community groups, as well as Lash Global magazine.
Training is all about innovation. Classic and Volume extensions are already old news. Nowadays most of the clients want volume extensions. But to provide this service new lash technicians need to go through two periods of training (classic and then volume) and spend a significant amount of time practicing before they start their volume course. My innovative program including both classic and volume online courses saves the student time and money. I collect my knowledge all over the world and add my own experience and inventions. This allows my students achieve better results faster.

Overall, we offer many other live and online unique training courses with the information you will never find on other lash courses including:

– Photo portfolio for lash artist
– Special effects in eyelash extensions (Volume advanced training)
– Expert volume (mega volumes and volume quality perfection)
– Expert modeling – detailed styling analysis
– One-hour volume speed-up
– Championship preparation
– Training trainers and trainers certification
– Lash Expert special lessons online

For any questions please, send your requests to info@angelwingsbeauty.ca

Official links:
https://angelwingsbeauty.ca – website
http://lashglobal.com – events’ website
http://facebook.com/groups/angelwingsbeautyca – Lasher support community
http://facebook.com/angelwingsbeautyca – training page


AMAZING LASH EVENTS I WAS AT (63 total at the moment), PARTICIPANT (5 events)  SPOKE (18 events), JUDGED (39 events), SPONSORED (37 events) or ORGANIZED (10 events) Since 2014 (but still could miss some that were added in between)
There were so many amazing live and online events where I was a judge, a trainer, a speaker or a sponsor that I have decided to make a list if you’re interested to meet me on some events that probably will happen again:


– Judge and sponsor at Strictly Come Lashes championship in Worcester (July 11-12, 2017);
– Judge, sponsor, and speaker at Lash Drive Conference and Championship in Hannover, Germany (September 30, 2017);
– Judge and sponsor at Oscars online championship (November 2017);


– Sponsor of the Lash Pro Balkan Conference and Championship in Belgrade, Serbia (March 2-3, 2018). Unfortunately, I could not come to speak at the event because of circumstances beyond my control, but will definitely try next time.
– Organizer, sponsor, and judge CatFight online championship #1 “One out of 10”. End date April 22, 2018 https://angelwingsbeauty.ca/cfc
– Speaker, judge, and sponsor at Lash Artists International in Gilbert, Arizona, USA (March 16-18, 2018), where I also gave a master class with great opportunities and presents for everyone!
– Judge at Universe Lash & Brow competition online, Russia (April 15, 2018)
– Judge at Universe Lash & Brow competition, Spain (April 22, 2018)
– Organizer, sponsor, and judge at CatFight online championship #2 “My Apocalypse” (April 22 till June 5, 2018) https://angelwingsbeauty.ca/cfc
– Organizer, speaker, and sponsor at Lash Global Championship & Conference in Montreal, Canada (May 2-3, 2018), http://lashglobalchampionship.com
– Speaker and trainer at the 1st South American Conference of Lash & Brow in Brazil, San Paulo (July 20-22, 2018)
– Judge at Strictly come lashes championship in Worcester (Summer, 2018)
– Judge and sponsor at Glasgow Lash Battle (August 2018)
– Judge and sponsor at Oscars online championship (2018)
– Sponsor, speaker, and judge at Hawaii Lash Competition – Conference and Championship (September 8, 2018)
– Judge at Lash Pro Contest online (September 2018) http://lpc.si/lashprocontest2018/
– Judge at CHAMPION CILS – Belgium’s First Eyelash Conference & Online Championship (September 21, 2018). Unfortunately can’t attend in person to give a speech https://www.facebook.com/groups/155438598591992/
– Judge online at Strictly Come Lashes (October 7-8, 2018) http://strictlycomelashes.co.uk
– Judge online at Lash Agora – Vienna, Austria (October 13-14, 2018) http://www.lashagora.com/
– Speaker at Charity 24 Hour Conference – World Lash Day 18 online (October 23, 2018) https://www.facebook.com/groups/168262240746976/
– Speaker and Trainer at Lash & Brow Cruise Campus in Italy aboard the cruise liner Costa Diadema (October 26 till November 2, 2018) http://www.dreamcampuslashebrow.it/
– Judge online at Beauty Inter-vision – Hanover, Germany (November 3-4, 2018) https://www.facebook.com/intervisionde/
– Speaker at Lash Marathon online conference by Nelly Malinina (November 12, 2018)
– Judge online at Lash&Brow Queen 2018 (December 26, 2018) by Smirnova Marianna
– Judge at Fantasy Lash Art online competition by Jess Martin (December 31, 2018) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1002548009840594


– Judge online and sponsor at COPA AMÉRICA. International Conference & Championship – Australia (February) http://www.thelashconference.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1751959138202110
– Judge and sponsor at Master Lash Empress Lash Championship online – Australia (February, 2019) https://www.facebook.com/groups/216549808712707/
– Speaker and sponsor at Lashsecrets conference – Lisboa, Portugal (March 9) https://www.facebook.com/groups/155214975095039/
– Judge and sponsor at The Skin Games, Lash extension competition – Las Vegas, USA (June 14-15, 2019) http://theskingames.com
– Speaker and sponsor at Hollywood lash conference – Hollywood, USA (June 21-23) https://hollywoodlashconference.com/
– Sponsor at Game for Thrones of Beauty – Vienna, Austria (May 17-18) https://www.facebook.com/groups/321802911988684/ by Viktoriya Okonkwo
– Organizer, speaker, and sponsor at Lash Global Event in Montreal, Canada (May 18-20), http://lashglobal.com
– Speaker and sponsor at Texas big Lash and Brow Conference conference – Texas, USA (September 27-29) by Katherine Eliott
– Judge online and Platinum sponsor at NYC Volume Lash Cup – New York, USA (September 22) https://www.facebook.com/NYCVolumeLashCup/ by TB Kim
– Judge and sponsor at Lash Queens Championship 2019 online – UK (September 30) by Cindy Nicholls https://www.ilashtique.com/2019-lash-queens-championship
– Organizer and sponsor of CatFight online championship #3, #4 (October 12) https://angelwingsbeauty.ca/cfc
– Judge online and sponsor at Lashwinter online championship – CHeck Republic (October 15th) https://www.instagram.com/lashwinter_online_championship by Daria Hrynko
– Judge online and sponsor at ARTISTIC LASH LEAGUE 2019 – UK (October 19) https://artisticfur.com/pages/artistic-lash-lague-2019 by Maria Kiprovska
– Speaker online and sponsor at Master Lash Con Causa 2019 – Mexicio (October 30) by Reyna Garcia Hall
– Sponsor at Asian Lash Cup – Frankfurt, Germany (November 2-3) https://www.asianlashcup.com/ by Lien Scherbeck
– Sponsor and Judge of LASH MASTERS CONFERENCE & COMPETITION MELBOURNE (November 27, 2019) https://www.internationallashmasters.com/
– Online judge and sponsor at Vip beauty LEAGUE – Oslo, Norway (November 31 – December 1) by Ksenia Karnejenko
– Judge and speaker at Couture Lash Design Competition online – Check Republic, Prague (December 1) https://www.beautyinstituteprague.com/lashcouture by Denisa Suster
– Judge and Sponsor at “Lash Folklore MX” online competition – Mexico (December 13) by Karla Campos


– Expert Judge at Australia Lash Open Top Educator’s panel – Australia (February 25) by Mimmi Ebbersten
– Speaker online and Sponsor at Lash Master Evolution – UK (March 13-26) https://www.lashmasterevolution.online/ @lash.master.evolution by Jekaterina Ligere
– Sponsor at Lashaman competition (June 1) https://kirablashes.com/product/lashaman-online-competition/ @lash_a_man by Kira Bezkorovainaya
– Sponsor of Lash International – Medellin, Colombia (June) by Line & Manuela @lashinternational
– Judge online and Sponsor at Lash Open Brazil – Brazil (June 6-10) @lashopenbrasilonline by Juliana Brown and Fran Santana
– Judge online and sponsor at Lashfolfloremx – Mexico, by Karla Campos
– Judge online and Sponsor at Fantasy Lash Art Competition 2020 – UK (June 25)  by Jess Martin and  Danielle Couch
– Organizer and Judge at Lash Global Magazine cover mini competition online – Canada (July 1) IG @lashglobalcom
– Judge, Speaker online and Sponsor at KİRPİK YARIŞMA & KONFERANS – Turkey (April 21-Sept 9) IG @lash_champ.tr by Margarita Gulina
– Organizer and Sponsor at CatFight #5, #6, #7 – Canada (August 10) IG @Catfight_lash_competition JOIN


– Judge online at NYC Volume Lash Cup 2021 – New York, USA (May 7) https://www.facebook.com/NYCVolumeLashCup/ by TB Kim
– Judge online at 1st KingdomBeautyCrown Conference & Championship London – London, UK (August 27-29) https://kingdombeautycrown.com by Erika Ramonaite
– Speaker online at Lash Forum – UK, (June 1) by Kseniya Kernejenko
– Speaker and Judge at International Lash Congress – Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico (October 15-17) https://www.facebook.com/lashcongress/ @lashcongress by Eliana Taboada
– Judge at Kona Hawaiian lash competition – Mexico (June 15) https://www.instagram.com/soniamacias_lashista/ by Sonia Macias
– Judge at Atlantic Lash Competition online “Rose des vents” (October 2021)

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