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Hanna Babanakava
– Owner and CEO of Angel Wings® studio, academy and supplies
– Founder at Lash Global™ magazine
– Multiple International champion in eyelash extension
– International judge, sponsor, speaker
– International trainer and creator of unique training courses, online coach
– Nominated for Most inspirational industry influencer
– Organizer of international Lash Global Event – Championship, Conference, Workshops, Montreal, Canada
– Organizer of international online lash competition CatFight, that often has unusual tasks for participants
– Inventor of “Twin” volume and “Chess” separation techniques
– Lash blogger, video blogger, publicist

Hanna started business in 2013 in Grodno (Belarus), received training in different areas of beauty but Lash making is her real passion.
Her vocation as a teacher is providing the strongest and unique theoretical and practical base with continuous support after the course and raising the next generation of top quality lash artists, lash champions and brilliant trainers. Just in one year she mentored a few championship prize winners from juniors and often provides advanced knowledge to practicing trainers!
Angel Wings provides top quality eyelash extension services, global supplies and training with head office in Montreal, Canada. They are proud of their responsible approach, high standards and an outstanding client care. They passionately love what they do and want to share this love and passion with other lash artists!

The Lash Global Magazine was founded in January 2018.
It gets three publications a year starting 2019: New Year time, end of April and end of August.
The first issue was digital only, and latest issues were published with a circulation of 1,000 copies.
To date Angel Wings have sponsored dozens of professional events with hard and digital copies, including the most famous and the biggest lash events across the world.

We try to support lash events, because they attract professionals who want to advance their careers and learn about the latest news in the lash industry as well as new products and services possible.
The magazine is promoted within Instagram and over 160 professional Facebook groups for lash-makers with the total amount of over 250,000 people.
With every issue we strive to further improvement of the quality of our content which is only possible with the help of our sponsors. Printing quantities depend on their contribution as well.
Our common goal is to spread something amazing throughout the world.

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