The topic about water free eyelash glue is still a point of contention. So do you still need to keep out of a swimming pool and shower after having eyelash extension done or not?

Fortunately with Angel Wings lash glue you CAN and you SHOULD wash your eyes every day and can do it right after the application.

There are still lots of older types of glue that have restrictions about getting your eyes wet or using oils. Unfortunately, even if the glue restricts you from getting your eyelash extensions wet, this restriction applies only for few hours or at maximum for a day.

Some clients roam the internet and find lots of misinformation about lash extension aftercare. Many people think that if they will not wash their eyes at all, the extensions will last longer or if they wash their eyes, they will lose or damage the extensions.

I believe it is technicians’ fault of not telling their clients about the proper aftercare of the lash extension. Just imagine. Our eyelashes are made to collect dirt and not to let it go inside the eye. But if you have extensions and put on makeup, most likely it is going to stick in between the lashes, creating oily and sticky substance that collects more dust and dirt from the air and sweat. If you do not wash out this “dirt burger”, it will become a delicious treat for the germs and parasites. So it is not only important to wash the lashes, but if you or your client cannot live without makeup, they should wash the lashes regularly to make sure there is no makeup residue left between makeup applications.

The best way to take care of lash extensions is to buy a special lash shampoo. Angel Wings foam cleanser comes in a foam form and will not hurt your eyes at all. Moreover, it does not only clean the lashes from dirt, but also removes some types of bacteria.
As the lash industry always develops, washing natural eyelashes before eyelash extension in many salons has become a regular part of the service. The same can be said about washing the extensions right after the procedure to reduce the chance of irritation if the client has sensitive eyes.

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