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The aftercare that Hanna gives to her clients is the following:
– Do not wipe/rub your eyes. Minimize physical actions towards your lashes. First 24 hrs the bond might be vulnerable for wiping the lashes side to side (pulling, oils or washing will not affect the bond). Washing, eye creams etc are allowed. Washing needs to be made with gentle movements top down by the lid. And then blot gently with a towel.
– Wash every day at least once
– Brush if needed. Preferably top down
– Do not tear out or pull out lashes
– We still do not recommend using any creams around the eyes if a client plans to get refills, because there’s no way to clean well the lashes from oil when there are some extensions present. To get a good bond natural lashes have to be crystal clean before application. If it is impossible for any reason, we would recommend to wash the lashes with Angel Wings foam and then prime (maybe a few times or even in process).

In the glue there’s no rubber (or natural latex), no hydroquinnone, no PMMA, no waters, no oils, no organic components. Pure composition makes it good for sensitive clients. The most allergic component is still Cyanoacrylate, so it is forbidden to use on clients previously experienced allergy to cyanoacrylate.

Additionally to the following video – Measurement tools can not show the real numbers! In one season you may notice glue can be fast at 53% and 23 C and other season can perform the same fast at 35-45% and 20-22 C! It happens all over the world. Be smart and don’t stick to your numbers on temp and humidity level! If you feel glue performs too fast (lashes pop off), do the same as you do when it dries fast – lower your conditions, even if they seem low, and/or use more glue in a bead technique.

If the glue is slow, raise humidity and temperature or add Angel Wings booster. This way glue will cure instantly and get the best bond.

Remember that and you’ll be able to use this glue under any conditions!

Angel Wings champoion glue instruction

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