Angel Wings Glue Booster

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Ingredients: Distilled Water, PVA, Propylene carbonate, Brij-78, Brij-52, Polyethylene glycol, Ethyl alcohol, Isopropyl aclcohol, Cellulose sodium glycolate, PVP, Methyl paraben, Ethyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Butyl paraben.
Usage: with microbrush wipe over a little amout of booster on the bases of lash strip. Repeat every 20-30 min.
First aid: For eye or skin contact flash with water for 15 min and consult a doctor if needed

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  • Can be used in any humidity over 10% and temperature over 15 degrees Celsius
  • Easy to use

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Glue booster

5ml, 15ml

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