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Oh my god! My client had their extensions fall off in a few days!

Hi guys, in this video I have decided to combine all of my previous videos about working with the glue, since every day in summer I have to type at least 5! Can you imagine!!? five identical or very similar troubleshooting posts for girls on how to work with the glue and how to solve their recent glue issues.

Here is the most common problem – the lashes fall out very soon or even in a few days. And for some reason your teacher haven’t told you about it. So what is the reason?


Of course, I’m joking but you would naturally think the glue is bad. However, there are many factors, which can lead to bad retention. And you really need to pinpoint the one applicable to you.

Here is my ranking of the most common causes.

First place is going to… extremely fast glue. If your glue dries fast and takes, say, one second to cure in moderate temperature and humidity, it dries almost instantly in summer when the humidity and temperature are higher. That’s why tons and tons of posts filled with desperation appear when the hot months of summer start. But what else would you expect? If your working conditions or your technique is not suitable for professional glue, it will not work for you, no matter how many different top brands you try!

The glue curing depends on the humidity. Your glue works fast in higher humidity – that’s a fact, and in a dry room it may not cure at all. So if the humidity is normal (this range in common may be from 35 to 55% or even lower depending on the brand) – the glue dries fast. If your humidity is in a range of 55 to 65% – the glue dries almost instantly and you don’t have the time even to transfer an extension to the natural lash – the glue is almost dry by the time you apply the extension. And if you stick the half-dry glue to the natural lash – it will not hold. The lashes may pop off right away or hold only for a few days or will fall off during the following week. This is the MOST FREQUENT REASON for bad retention, especially in summer, so please consult with your supplier about the best working conditions or try to reduce your humidity to make the glue work slower. If the humidity is over 65%, the glue may cure so fast that it will crack like dried earth – in the end, you will also have very short retention.

But humidity is not the only thing you need to take control of. Most chemical processes work faster at higher temperature. If you ever dyed hair, you know that the dye works twice as fast when covered and heated. Same with the glue – the hotter your working place is, the faster your glue will dry. If it is too hot, then the glue will not dry at all, but the drop will turn into oily non-sticky liquid. That’s why you have to take control of your environment, and in summer you may even have to reduce your temperature and humidity to the comfortable level of your own working speed.

If for some reason it is impossible, here is the video I have posted a long time ago about working in a hot and humid room. Of course, there is a limit and the most extreme conditions are limited to 28C and 70% RH.

And… be sure you change your drop every 10-15 minutes when it’s hot or humid. Because the freshest glue is in the middle of the drop and the bead.

Second place in bad retention goes to… Dirty lashes.

The preparation is important. So no matter what professional glue you are working with, and especially with Angel Wings Champion glue, your client’s natural lashes have to be crystal clean. Be sure you prepare them carefully and with our glue, I suggest using an alcohol based cleanser or primer. Our primer suits this purpose perfectly.

It may be that your client always arrives with dirty lashes or makeup remainders between her lashes. If you put extensions on top of this dirtburger made of skin oil, makeup and dust, your retention will be extremely short.

To solve this issue first consult your client about makeup usage and proper lash cleaning. Angel Wings offer a special foam for the eye area, which is good for sensitive skin, for makeup removal and for everyday face wash. It takes care of your client’s lashes and removes all the dirt and some bacteria. You can even sell it to your client. The second thing you need to do – is ask your client to wash the lashes right away with a toner or micellar water, then with a lash foam and, finally, you will clean it with your lash prep.

This is how we deal with dirty lashes.

Other factors are much less frequent. They include improper storing conditions of the glue, spoiled glue, old glue, client’s biology and aftercare. But comparing to the two mentioned above – they are so rare they almost don’t matter.
Please, remember one more thing. You need to have one or two spare bottles of glue. So that you have a backup plan in case something unexpected happens.

I hope this info clarified some causes of your troubles. Please, follow me on YouTube and Instagram and feel free to ask any questions in my Facebook support group!
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