A lot of lashmakers say there is something wrong with the glue, because their lash extensions pop out when they brush a fresh set.

Today I will tell you three facts why it can happen and why in many cases it has nothing to do with the glue. Having been working on huge variety of different types of eyelash glue from Russia, Europe and also from Canada and US I have noticed that every trademark and every manufacturer sets their own conditions for using their glue.

Some types of glue prefer lower humidity and lower temperature, while others require rather high temperature and humidity. Some types of eyelash glue will not work at all if your room temperature is below 24°C or if the humidity is below 35 or 40%. In the end you are the one who has to learn and follow the rules that manufacturer or distributor indicates. You have to know the product that you use well just like you would need to know any new electrical appliance you buy for your home. It all comes down to reading and following the instructions.

Firstly, to avoid lashes popping out due to “unknown cases” you have to get everything you need to control the environment at all times while you are working. I am saying this every time on my training sessions and to the clients who want me to work at their place. Without the humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, and air conditioner you will not be able to feel secure and to control the environment properly ensuring your supplies work.

We all work in different regions and countries with widely different levels of humidity and temperature. I will give you few examples where you can have troubles with lash extensions popping out or the glue that does not seem to work. I will also give you a few tips on how to avoid it.

Example number one. In most countries the summer is a hot and humid season. As we know most of glue types, as well as Angel Wings glue, work in the temperature range of 23-26°C and humidity range from 40 to 65%. So if either the humidity or the temperature is higher, the glue will polymerize super-fast or just undergo shock polymerization. Popping out lash extensions always come with the summer heat. So to avoid this you need to keep your room cool, ensure that air moves around your working area and change the glue drop more frequently during work.

Example number two. The lashes can pop out right after application when you use an overly fast glue for your technique. It can also be the reason why your client loses all the lash extensions in just a few days. How does this happen? You dip the extension into the glue, transfer it to the client’s lash… and because the glue dries too fast, when you put the extension on the natural lash it sticks with the glue almost dry. You may take too much time separating the lash or you do not tend to work fast in general. In either case the only solution to use this glue is to minimize the time you spend from dipping the extension into the glue to applying it onto the lash.

Example number three. Bad preparation of the lashes. One of the most important things when you use Angel Wings glue (as well as other types) is preparation of the natural lashes. You have to clean them from all the skin oil, makeup residue, etc. This will make sure that you glue the extension on a lash itself and not on yesterday’s makeup or a layer of night cream. So you better careful with the preparation and make sure that natural lashes are absolutely clean.

Armed with the knowledge of these three reasons, you can avoid most of the cases of lashes popping out.

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