Champion boost training
Place: Anushka 701 S., Suite 200, Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33401, USA
990 USD (will be auto converted to 1320 CAD)

Requirements for participants:

– to bring the supplies you use for the workshop
– to bring your lamp, table and model.if for some reason you are not able to make it, contact us no later the payment due (April 7th)
– non-refundable deposit to book a spot – 300 USD (400 CAD) by VISA, PayPal, the rest can be paid any time before the July 7th using the same button

The price includes:
– one full day of training
– THREE certificates!
– supplies to use on a training
– unlimited access to the closed Facebook groups for Champion boost
– continuous support within the frames of these course

What’s in the menu:

In the training you will know the general information how to prepare to the championship and how does it work. How to prepare to the exact championship you’re going to take part in. Plus any other championship preparation help for free in the Facebook Group!
BONUS: Training from Ellie Malmin “How to recognize sensitivity before it occurs”

Here is the main outline of this course:

1) What the experience groups are, and how many people compete for each prize-winning place and what awaits you at live or online championship
2) How the winner is determined, and what points are given and deducted for in each type of extension
3) How to prepare for the championship technically, creatively and psychologically
4) How to overcome fear and gain confidence in your abilities
5) How to choose a model and what happens if the championship takes place in another country
6) Strategy of counting the points in Technical categories and Lash Art
6) Finally and most importantly, in my opinion, I will tell you what I as a judge consider the most common mistakes in championship extensions and how to avoid them.

Many lash artists including those who participated in lash extension competitions do not take any prizes. This happens because you need to be aware of many nuances, which will allow you to get the maximum number of points for your work. Sometimes as little as a single point can separate you from a prize-winning place, and proper evaluation of your own work together with the awareness of your strong and weak sides will help you step up your results.

All this you will learn in my course Eyelash Extension: How to become a Champion.

Hanna Babanakava & TB Kim
Facebook: Hanna, TB Kim
+514 436-0413 (text only)

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