In this training you will learn:
– What general factors influence lashing speed and when the use of speed lashing is not possible
– How to preserve the quality of every fan and avoid stickies during speed lashing
– How to reduce the time to 2 hours for any set
– And how you need to practice to achieve the time of one hour per any volume set.
My idea for this training is not to make you supersonic, but to help you reduce your lashing time to a minimum that you are comfortable with.

To get a certificate of completion for this course, it is not enough to just look through the modules. As usual, I want to be sure that you studied all the information carefully, implemented it in your work, and used it successfully. At the end of some of the videos I will be giving you certification tasks. As the name implies, you would need to accomplish them to get certified.
It would be best to complete these tasks as soon as you received them. If you have not mastered the information provided in one module, you will not be able to succeed in the next one. Our goal, however, is first and foremost ensuring your success!

apply eyelash extension training

– Add our email to white-list and email us with your info. Please note – we want to make them as much effective and personalized for you as possible, that’s why we need to answer some questions about your current progress before we give you the access.

You will get an email back with your login details at LashExpert™ platform and purchase the training.

Price: $999 CAD $799 CAD Payment plans available.


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