Live training gives access to theory in a form of detailed online videos one week prior to the live model practice.
Online training grants you access to the training videos and certification tasks for 1 month after the last part of the training opens, this can be extended after for any period of time if needed. (C$ 36/month).

“My classic curriculum is more diverse than an average updated course. The industry is constantly growing, and students want to have more topics and more payback right away. That is why I have added lectures that give my students the opportunity to offer more services and get more different clients right after their first course.

Also, this type of training attracts more people with serious professional intentions and discourages those who are not ready to invest in valuable knowledge that will most likely form the basis of their entire lash education. It is classic training that gets new lash technicians acquainted with the lash industry, and depending on that first experience, whether it is positive or negative, they make up their mind about the industry and set the standard for their work! It is up to their first trainer (me in this case) to teach them all Do’s and Dont’s and show examples and lay down the correct foundation into the head of the student.”

– Hanna, Angel Wings trainer


History of eyelash extension
Types of eyelash extension
Methods, techniques, styles of eyelash extension
Eye shapes
How to turn extensions to an instrument for reduction of eyes’ imperfections
The supplies:
– length and thickness
– curls
– types of glue
– other supplies
– allergy and how to defend from chemicals
– correct types of working with tweezers
Setting up comfort and safety of our working place:
(sanitary, light, comfort for technician and a client)
Contraindications to eyelash extension
Preparing the eye (makeup, lower lashes treatment)
Correct way of removing eyelashes
Frequent freshman’s mistakes and how to avoid them
Portfolio – what photos win the jackpot
Meeting a client:
– Natural eyelashes’ condition
– Types of eyes, practice
– Get a skill of reading your client’s mind!
Building a client base
Client types
Working with objections
Practicing on a live model from beginning to the end.


– Classic advanced training
– Certification after successful practical tests passed
– My continuous support after the course in the frames of this program, I’ll be glad to help you in your further success!
– Starter Kit (valued about 300 CAD):
* 2 practice eyelash trays
* 1 pair of classic tweezers
* 1 pair of separation tweezers
* 1 regular “double” tweezers case (if in stock)
* 1 glue 5ml
* 1 glue booster 5ml (if in stock)
* 30 under eye patches
* 50 brushes
* 100 cleaning brushes
* primer
* remover
* glue stone or glass
* 10 glue drop palettes

– Eyelash tinting with Refectocil WITH CEPARATE CERTIFICATE!
– 2D volume for beginners
– Hybrid set styling using classic and 2D for beginners
– Skill building videos
Сover the imperfections of your work. Usually it is:
* direction
* poor quality of work in the inner and outer corners
* distance from the eyelid
* perfect outline troubles

And much more!

C$ 1,865.00 (~1405 USD) C$ 892.00 (~686 USD)
+ tax if applicable

For live training feel free to contact us using a contact form below.
For online training – purchase the training using the button below. You will get your login and password to access the training page within one business day.

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