I think it is always interesting to see “the kitchen from the inside”. Lash Global by Angel Wings have decided to uncover the details of what is going on when lash event is prepared and ended.

First of all, who makes lash events and why? The events of this kind are made by a representative of a lash brand, a person with a large audience and good connections within the industry. One of the primary objectives is to provide an opportunity to network and promote each other for lash technicians, trainers, suppliers and marketers. The second reason, of course, is to learn something new. Conferences without a doubt bring you lots of useful information as well.

I would not be speaking about online events, because live communication is the most valuable part of these events in our opinion. You also often have a chance to try new products and get fancy presents and offers.

So, if the events are so cool, why don’t we organize them every few months? Frankly speaking, organizing an event (and doing a good job), requires great responsibility.
Firstly, the prestige of your own name and your company brand is at stake. If something goes wrong at the event, people will talk about what they dislike. You’re screwed.
Secondly, you are responsible for the money you get from people. Good bookkeeping and finance managing is the key to success.
Thirdly, you are responsible for the time and money of the people invited to the event. If you cancel the event close to the starting date, you would need to return not only the event tickets, but also the cost of guests’ tickets, hotel reservations and so on.

One of the myths about the events is that events make money for the organizers. This is both right and wrong to an extent. It is wrong because all the money the organizers get they invest in the organization. If the event has a bigger budget, you have more options available to make the event better. If you have lower than average ticket price, you can only support a venue and a bit of graphic design to make promos on your own.

There are many hidden expenses too: internet ads, banners and press walls, graphic design, purchasing or renting tables, lamps and other hardware, disposable supplies, and delivery of all of this to and from the venue. That’s tens thousands of dollars if not hundreds depending on the size of the event. On top of that, the organizers always want to make the event memorable. That’s another line of expenses for merchandise, gifts, and of course a great show at the gala evening. If you don’t have enough budget, there will be no gala.

Something always goes wrong. There are always people that don’t like something in particular or the event as a whole, no matter what you do and how good the event actually is. You just have to deal with that.
If you organize an event, you should be ready for anything: huge customs charges for receiving sponsor’s gifts, unpredictable weather, and unforeseen difficulties for your speakers, judges and attendees in actually getting to the event. Moreover, if you think that model no-shows are not your problem, you are wrong. If there is a no-show to the competition, it becomes your problem just because you want everyone to be happy with the event and maintain a good reputation.

It is also very important to choose the right judges or speakers. If you choose wrong, you put all that money you have spent for advertising in jeopardy. Not only may they not show up for the event, making you scramble for alternatives in the last minute, they also may not repost your event ads. Because of how advertising on social media works these days, paid reach is never able to target just the right audience, while organic reach is never enough without an extensive reposting campaign. Lastly, people attending the event get understandably upset when they learn that speakers appearing in the event ads have cancelled their trips. This also means you need to find a suitable substitution for that sudden loss.

So much damn responsibility.

I don’t want my words to sound hollow, so we arranged an interesting series for you. It is called Lash Global Show by Angel Wings or simply – The Lash Show. We invited different event organizers to share their experience from the outside and inside of lash events. We wanted everything to be uncovered, so we hope you will like the first series of the Season 1.



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