Crazy Retention eyelash extension webinr
Expert Crazy retention Webinar

The webinar now is a part of Cynoacrylate alchemy (Cyanoacrylomicon) training

Place and time: Online at ZOOM platform April 10, 15.00 (GMT-5:00) Montreal, Canada
Live: 342.21 CAD (~260 USD!)
Online record: 342.32 & 13/month for extending

Closest live dates:
April 10, 2019

Requirements for live participants:
– Classic certification
– Volume certification is recommended
– Good internet connection
– Make sure you have your password ready to join the webinar room
– PM Hanna Babanakava with your #order number to be added to webinar chat in Facebook messenger
– Add yourself to our Facebook group

The webinar includes:
– Theory
– Q&A
– Virtual printable certificate
– Recording available for 3 days (2 CAD) on our closed online platform
– Continuous support within the frames of the webinar contents
– Discount for one of our other webinars, *conditions apply

What’s in the menu:
Correct lash prep – everything we talk about but never follow
All about prep liquids – what works best and why
Working with pH and why is it important
Biology and climate change dependence, hormones – scientific research
2 months retention – possible!
Contents of your glue – why different glues perform differently
Temperature and humidity – not so simple as it seems
More speed-up and slow-down factors
Natural vs synthesized curing solutions
Correct work with the glue drop under different conditions
Other factors we don’t usually think about
Do we actually need glue boosters, coatings and other solutions?
Correct lash application that greatly influences retention
Why you usually can not make a correct wrapping
Fan crystallizing and preservation – Yey or Nay?
Additional tips and tricks in getting longer retention
…and much more!

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