Basic styling and My first client base webinar

Available only in record online. 6 day access with automatic extension for 13 CAD/Month. Cancel any time in your profile.
192.51 CAD (~144 USD)

Who can apply:
– New technicians
– Technicians who didn’t have enough information on basic ways of styling on their classic training course
– Technicians who struggle to gather their first client base
– Anyone interested

The webinar includes:
– Theory
– Q&A
– Virtual printable certificate
– Basic styling for cat, squirrel (kitten), doll. natural… depending on your CLIENT’S EYE SHAPE, a few ready maps
– How to choose the shape for your client correctly
– How to read your client’s mind about the future set. She may not know what she wants – but you will!
– The very basic of layering
– Client base – where to start and where to look for clients
– How to get your ideal clients you will like
– Paid ads – yes or no
– Working during “dead” seasons

Just in case – what will NOT be covered: hybrids (I have a separate webinar for it), advanced styling like Kim K, how to make fans, how to apply lashes in a correct way, working with professional lash supplies (all supplies here by default are meant to be of a high quality).

Requirements for participants:
– Classic certification
– Good internet connection
– Make sure you have your password ready to join the webinar room
– PM Hanna Babanakava with your #order number to be added to webinar chat in Facebook messenger
– Additionally some remainders will be here in our Facebook group

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