“Hello and welcome!
I am very glad that you are interested in my online course bundle! This training will be useful both for new technicians and very advanced ones. First, let me tell you a few things and ideas I put into these courses.
Why taking another classic training if you already done one at the moment? Be frank to yourself, can you say that your classic is flawless? =) I took two additional classic training courses to make sure mine is close to that!
Our Classic Expert training grants you have all the up-to-date knowledge on how to create the neatest and most accurate work. Unlike volume, when we use fans and do not see every lash in the set, classic leaves no chance of cheating. I want to make sure your classic skill is flawless before you even touch volumes! If your classic is already perfect, you just pass the exam and move on to volume!
My volume courses do more than teach you volume skills and let you add more services to your price list. They contain comprehensive information answering the questions of extensively trained technicians and those who have worked in the industry for a very long time. Experience alone cannot substitute additional training, the lash industry advances so rapidly that it is easy to get left behind your competition.
Additionally, the training tells you how to proceed after you have graduated, where to look for clients, how to advertise, and so on. It is extremely important to know how to do there first step, so you would not be totally lost with your amazing skills.
At the end of these course bundle you will be able to do top quality work of international standard, and I promise you that I will use all my professionalism and experience to help you succeed.”

– Hanna, Angel Wings owner.



History of eyelash extension
Types of eyelash extension
Methods, techniques, styles of eyelash extension
Eye shapes
How to turn extensions to an instrument for reduction of eyes’ imperfections
The supplies:
– length and thickness
– curls
– types of glue
– other supplies
– allergy and how to defend from chemicals
– correct types of working with tweezers
Safety and health:
(sanitary, light, comfort for technician and a client)
Contraindications to eyelash extension
Preparing the eye (makeup, lower lashes treatment)
Correct way of removing eyelashes
Frequent freshman’s mistakes and how to avoid them
Understanding retention: the liquids and client’s lashes match with no chemistry education needed
Portfolio – what photos win the jackpot
Meeting a client:
– Natural eyelashes’ condition
– Types of eyes, practice
– Get a skill of reading your client’s mind!
Building a client base
Client types
Working with objections
Practicing on a live model from beginning to the end.


– Classic and volume – what’s the difference
– Types of volume extensions
– Methods and styles of extension
– Scheme of volume eyelash extension (types, effects)
– New effects in extensions
– correcting imperfections of a natural lash-line
– Individual modeling of the shape of the eyes with volumes
– Familiarity with the materials for the extension
– Choosing perfect materials and how to work with them for best retention
– tweezers for volume
– glue -//-
– lashes -//-
– other helpful supplies
– Promade and premade – difference and features
– Features of working with the instruments and supplies
– Proper preparation of the workplace (sanitation tools, lighting, convenience for the master and client)
– Timing
– Contraindications to volume eyelash extension
– 3D-a-lot-of-D
– “Right” & “Wrong” in lash fans
– Russian volume vs American Volume
– Mega volume vs 2D-6D and over
– Advantages and disadvantages of Mega volume
– Weight disputes – how much is too much?
– Myths and tricks of the flawless photos
– Secrets of flawless Russian set and perfect outline
– Correct fans and fan base
– Advanced eye modeling principles
– Kim K, Spiky look
– Angel Wings Stereo line effects
– Angel Wings effect
– Mixed sets and gradient extension
– Making your own set – your style as a technician
– Correct curl, lengths, thickness mixing
– Layering
– Express extension
– Volume supply review (glue, lashes, tweezers, cleansers – everything that matters)
– pH levels and client biology influencing retention
– Different volume and Mega volume techniques
– How to solve your fanning problems
– Bridging techniques – covering natural gaps!
– Instant fan technique
– Correction of volume extension
– Careful removal of volume extensions
– New technologies in extension
– Secrets and tricks of “pure” extension

– Practicing fans
– Practice of the acquired knowledge on a model
– Analysis of errors
– Question – Answer


– Classic expert training (valued $1850 CAD)
– Volume advanced training (valued $1850 CAD)
– MEGA volume training (valued $1850 CAD)
– 9 months access to the training cabinet and certification tasks, (can be extended for C$ 36/mo). Videos open depending on your progress on the training parts!
– Certification after successful exams. If for some reason the result was not good enough, you still can evaluate with performing another work
– My continuous support after the course in the frames of this program, I’ll be glad to help you in your studies and further success!
– Advanced Starter Kit!
Part 1, Classic, (valued $500 CAD), will be shipped after the 1st payment:

* 6 eyelash trays
* 2 practice eyelash trays
* 1 pair of classic tweezers
* 1 pair of separation tweezers
* 1 regular “double” tweezers case (if in stock)
* 1 glue 5ml
* 1 glue booster 5ml (if in stock)
* 30 under eye patches
* 50 brushes
* 100 cleaning brushes
* primer
* remover
* Foam cleanser (if in stock)
* glue stone or glass
* 10 Glue drop palettes
Part 2, Advanced volume kit, (valued $310 CAD), will be shipped as soon as you start volume course:
* 1 pair hand tested and adjusted mega volume tweezers
* 2 x 5ml bottles of glue
* 1 x5ml glue booster
* 2 lash trays, 20 lines each
* 10 lash palettes

* Eyelash tinting with Refectocil
* 2D volume for beginners
* Hybrid set styling using classic and 2D for beginners
* Skill building videos
Сover the imperfections of your work. Usually it is:
* direction
* poor quality of work in the inner and outer corners
* distance from the eyelid
* perfect outline troubles
* lashes falling out – complete troubleshooting guide

And much more!

C$ 6,360.00 3180!
+ tax if applicable

For 4 months installment option feel free to contact us using a contact form below. Please don’t forget to mention you’re asking about online course bundle.

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