We are glad to publish useful content that will be interesting to our readers.
Email us to: info@angelwingsbeauty.ca

1. Articles. Here are the topics we are interested in: Eyelash extension, Salon and personnel management, Bookkeeping, Client psychology, Marketing, Health (salon services related) and anything that may fit close to these topics. No obvious or hidden ads please.
Technical requirements: [to be sent in email]. Author’s name, city and country, short summary (1-2 sentences) about the article, marked phrases you want our readers to pay attention to. Images: at least 3 images to choose from and 1-2 images for background if needed, no watermarks, no collages or any overlay like additional text.

2. Lash art or competition winning photos.
Please attach photos in good size and quality (not less then 2000px per side and 300 DPI). No watermarks, frames, collages or text allowed.
In the email mark the following:
Your name, city and country and some details about the work: what event it was made for, if it took any place in competition, if it was used in any other magazines and your technical information like brand, colors, lash lengths, decoration, topic and your ideas put to the image (for lash art). Team and photographer’s names are appreciated, but optional.

3. Advertising.
We have several options for advertising from the 1/8 of the page to the Front and Back cover.
Lash Global Magazine ads requirements

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