Montreal Expert Volume class VIP

C$ 400.00C$ 1,600.00


– Classic and volume – what’s the difference
– Types of volume extensions
– Methods and styles of extension
– Scheme of volume eyelash extension (types, effects)
– New effects in extensions
– correcting imperfections of a natural lash-line
– Individual modeling of the shape of the eyes with volumes
– Familiarity with the materials for the extension
– Choosing perfect materials
– tweezers for volume
– glue -//-
– lashes -//-
– other helpful supplies
– Features of working with the instruments and supplies
– Proper preparation of the workplace (sanitation tools, lighting, convenience for the master and client)
– Timing
– Contraindications to volume eyelash extension
– 3D-a-lot-of-D
– “Right” & “Wrong” in lash fans
– Correction of volume extension
– Careful removal of volume extensions
– New technologies in extension
– Secrets and tricks of “pure” extension
– Practicing fans
– Practice of the acquired knowledge on a model
– Analysis of errors
– Question – Answer

– volume tweezers
– glue 5ml
– 2 lash trays


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