Our trainings are made for bigger screen – PC or Mac-book (Best of all it is shown on Mozilla browser or Google chrome.) Unfortunately the videos don’t work on iPhones at all due to software limitations of the device.

Online curriculum:
LashExpert subscription VIP videos (free with any course)
Classic advanced start, essentials, lvl1
Expert volume, lvl 2, Learn and Refresh
Expert MEGA volume, lvl 3
Cyanoacrylate alchemy (Cyanoacrylomicon) [En] [Ru]
Championship preparation training
Eyelash extension Speed up training online, started November 22, 2018.

Webinar records:
Basic styling and My first client base
Hybrid look eyelash extension styling
How to get paid what you’re worth

Upcoming live webinars:

Coming online soon:
Expert styling:
Part 1. basic and advanced styling (how to create the personal map for each client based on regular mapping and make the flawless suitable styling no matter how difficult the eyes are)
Part 2. hybrid set styling (all about hybrid sets with over 25 ready styling maps)
Part 3. creative volumes (fast volumes, density secrets, color ombre without ombre lashes, new trends – wings on lashes, Kim K, Eyeliner effect)

With  most of the courses you will have:
– certification after a test/exam (Volume advanced training certificate can be sent by real mail, styling – online for print)
– my continuous support in the frames of the course taken
– free Lash Expert subscription for the duration of any of your training (videos from the closed part of the website with lash, marketing, safety and other lash and business related tips, interviews, etc)
– access to the training for the duration of your stay with our Lash Expert subscribers – Up to lifetime!

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